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Dr Karen Cadoo

Dr. Cadoo is a Medical Oncologist and Cancer Geneticist at St. James’s Hospital (SJH) and Clinical Associate Professor, Trinity College Dublin. She co-leads the inherited cancer genetics programme at SJH and the cancer prevention pillar of the Trinity St. James’s Cancer Institute.

Her research is centered on drug development, inherited genetics, the interplay with tumor biology, and the potential to target these therapeutically. She has served as principal investigator for multiple therapeutic trials in ovarian cancer, served as member of NRG Oncology Ovarian Cancer Committee and is Clinical Trials Ireland representative to ENGOT.

She is a recipient of the Irish Cancer Society 2021 Clinician Research Leadership Award for her research in hereditary cancer genetics. She was formerly a member of the Niehaus Center for Inherited Cancer Genetics at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York and she has explored the role of inherited mutations in gynecologic cancers and across multiple cancer types.