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Jacqueline Daly

I am a former cancer patient—co-founder of East Galway & Midlands Cancer Support and Director of Services.  A member of Cancer Patients Europe and vice-chair. I am a patient advocate and campaigner, bringing awareness and lobbying for change to local and national government agencies. An active member of the Public and Patient Involvement Group of the Irish Society of Gynaecological Oncology. I have contributed to the ECPC Publication ‘Living Well During Cancer Treatments’ Co-wrote the Structured Education Programme (STEP) to support men with Prostate Cancer, participated in ESMO Rare Cancer Patient Advocate Training in Milan and have spoken at ESMO and EAU Conferences.

A Member of the EAU epag working group. A member of the Let’s Talk Prostate Cancer expert group in Brussels and the HPV action steering group. I am also an Independent Cancer Patients Voice (ICP) member and completed Science for Patient Advocates study week at Barts Cancer Institute.

I am a complementary Bio Energy, Healing Touch, and Reiki therapist. A developer and presenter of community outreach programmes. A facilitator of the CLIMB program for children between ages 5 – 12 who have an adult in their life diagnosed with cancer.

The main driving force behind my patient advocacy is my own experience with cancer and my experience caring for my husband when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I felt the turbulence that comes with a diagnosis first hand and as a result of this, I am a passionate advocate for improving and easing the cancer experience for others.